Request a Free Quote on Junk Removal Services

Request a Free Quote on Junk Removal Services

We provide affordable service in Merkel, TX and the surrounding areas

You don’t want to hire a junk removal company without knowing how much they charge for service. That’s why it’s smart to work with Mr. & Mrs. Detailers, LLC in Merkel, TX. We’re transparent when it comes to pricing.

Although we do our best to complete home cleanouts affordably, some situations may require more time and effort than we anticipated. With that in mind, you’ll receive…

  • A ballpark estimate if you don’t have all the details
  • A more accurate quote if you send us pictures
  • An exact quote if we see the space in person

Call 402-350-7213 now to request an estimate on junk removal services.

How can we help you?

You can hire us to…

  • Demolish sheds, houses and other structures
  • Gather piles of yard waste and trash
  • Get rid of unwanted items

We’re a go-to for apartment and home cleanout services in the Merkel, TX area. Contact us today to learn more.

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